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The Colorguard!!

Color guard, also referred to as “guard,” is a sport whose members perform a choreographed routine and act as a visual representation of music. Performers will dance and spin equipment. The three primary types of equipment are flags, rifles, and sabres. This is a team sport and the dedication of every member of the team is extremely important to a successful season.

At Chamberlain High School, the color guard team is a part of the Eurythmics class and the activity is co-curricular. This means that students have time in class to work on their skills with their coach in addition to practice. This also means that their performance in the class, at practice, and at competitions will be reflected in their grade for the class. Eurythmics is a year-long class just as color guard is a year-long commitment. The class will cover both competitive seasons as well as a spring and winter concert.

There are two competitive seasons for guard each year. The first season is with the marching band and it takes place during the summer and fall from July to the beginning of November. During this season, the color guard performs with the marching band as the visual component to the marching show. The color guard and the band work tirelessly at rehearsals, football games and competitions to perfect the marching show before the final Marching Performance Assessment (MPA).

The second season is called winter guard. Unlike traditional color guard, winter guard is performed indoors, usually in a gymnasium or an indoor arena. Performances make use of recorded music rather than a live band or orchestra. The winter guard works to perfect a new show, designed specifically for them. The season typically starts in November with competitions beginning at the end of January. FFCC (Florida Federation of Colorguards Circuit) Championships are the last weekend of March and this marks the end of the season.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to provide the students with the opportunity to express themselves and grow through this performing arts activity. This program is intended to build personal relationships, life skills, performance skills, and technical ability.