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Volunteer for the 2019-2020 School year!!

What are the Band Boosters?

The Chamberlain High School Band Boosters is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that exists to support the financial operations of the bands of Chamberlain High School, to maintain enthusiastic interest in all phases of the band program, to promote the band in the community and to support and cooperate with the objectives of its band director.

It takes a village....

The CHS Band Boosters is a group of active parents and supporters who make a difference in our band programs by volunteering their time and energy throughout the year in a variety of areas. There is always a need for additional helping hands and talents. If you are interested in more information or are ready to be a part of our band family, keep scrolling to find out how you can become involved!

I want to volunteer in some way! How do I do this? Who do I talk to? What can I do? When can I do it?

We AWAYS have a job for ANYBODY wanting to volunteer. No matter any physical, time, or mobility limitations, there is a job for you!! Just to name a few that you can do:

-Collect money at concessions

-Help cook at concessions

-Hand out food when feeding the band kids before a game

-Parent monitors in the stands with the kids

-Uniform fittings for the kids

-Building props for the halftime show

-Helping load and unload the trailer to away games

The list truly goes on!

If you want to take on any of these roles or more, email our Volunteer Coordinator Matt at [email protected] Matt will work with whatever schedule, physical limitations, or mobility limitations you may have to ensure that you are a making a difference in your childs educational experience!

I want to do more, who do I contact to be more involved?

For any questions past volunteering, below is the Booster Board who delegates duties within their respective corners. If you have a strength in any of these categories, shoot them an email! :)

PRESIDENT: Emily Corder

Contact: [email protected]

Bio: Emily's son David is a Junior who is also the Trumpet Section leader. Emily takes pride in being the President of the Band Boosters as well as the Orchestra Boosters. She loves being involved with the band in any way she can, knowing that its benefiting more than just David.


Contact: [email protected]

Bio: Ecmin has been volunteering for Chamberlain's band, cross-country and track teams since 2018. Her son, Adrian, is in 10th grade and plays the trumpet for Chamberlain's band. He also runs in the cross-country and track teams. Ecmin decided to join the CHS band booster board because the band is in huge need of volunteers and parent involvement.

TREASURER: Tiffany Mosgard

Contact: [email protected]

Bio: CHS Alumni Class of 2002, former Cheifette, Treaasurer of the Band Boosters, represents the Band Boosters on the Board of Directors with Chamberlain Legacy Alliance. Tiffanys Daughter is a sophomore this year and plays the Trombone.

SECRETARY: Jennifer Warriner

Contact: [email protected]

Bio: Jennifers son Harrison is a Junior and is one of the Drum Majors this year. Jennifer is very excited to be a part of Harrisons educational experience as well as many other students' in the band.


Contact: [email protected]

Bio: I've been a Band Booster since Jono's Freshmen year and on the board for the last two years. I've enjoyed watching the kids learn, compete, and grow together. They are genuinely a great group.